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Current job offers

We welcome applications from future colleagues for the following positions:


If you are interested in any of the above positions, please apply at, by phone on 06 20 999 0905 or in person at our office.

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Employer value offer

wallet Financial

Good local salaries
Wages given on time, calculated accurately
Periodic bonuses
100% declared salary
Commissions provided under the employee career program

wallet Our Employee Welfare Programme

Employee Career Program
Public, employee quality assessment
One shift work, fixed working hours
Holiday scheme for employees
Family Program
Healthcare program for employees
Free annual flu vaccination
Team building programmes for employees

wallet Our Social Programmes

Guaranteed protective clothing and regular replacement
Modern, comfortable, clean dining room, equipped with vending machines
Modern, clean changing rooms, showers
Modern, new machinery, equipment, technology, car fleet
Workplace fully equipped with protective equipment and fully hygienic
Management assistance for workers in difficult situations

A glimpse into our everyday lives

Our employees said

István Buzás

My colleagues were quick to welcome me and the managers have a positive attitude. I like working here.

Ilona Gligorovics

We are paid relatively well for honest work, and I believe that we have developed a lot morally and mentally over the years.

Anikó Németh

My message to new colleagues is to have endurance, do not throw up the sponge immediately, because commitment pays off.

Gyöngyi Tóth

It is a secure job with stability and a good income. It's an outstanding job in our area.

Bettina Schell

There is a good atmosphere and work ethic in the shifts, a family atmosphere, but not at the expense of quality: work comes first!

Attila Balogh

Here, everyone is really part of a big family and feels part of the life of the plant. We take teamwork seriously, working together for a common future, and looking for solutions to problems together.