Our company is one of a small elite of poultry companies that, from its start to the present day, can claim to have managed the feeding, rearing and processing of animals within the group, with every single process carefully controlled.

Without compromises, we have built and designed our farm and in accordance with the world's most recognised quality management system, because it is up to us to treat the fruits of many months of work by our growers and keepers with care and respect.

In practice, this means that thanks to transparency and controllability, we know exactly what feed the animals are fed and under what conditions they are reared. Our proprietary recipe, Revolution Nutrition, is the same and stable value, a fundamental condition for the outstanding quality of our Premium Gold chickens.

As part of the complex system, the rearing, development and health of the animals are constantly monitored, and the rearing and processing is carried out with modern machinery and strict attention to hygiene.

This is continuously audited by external experts and our own quality assurance team. During the rearing process, we inspect all the sites at the same time and provide our production and commercial teams with a forecast of the expected slaughter characteristics of the chickens. With up-to-date information and strict accuracy, we are able to ensure high quality and increase efficiency.

The processor operates under a strict hygiene and food safety system, according to the ISO 22000:2018 quality management standard. In addition to our skilled staff, who regularly attend training courses, modern, advanced technology is used to monitor the work processes at all times. Thanks to detailed protocols and transparent operations, products are manufactured under controlled conditions. All of this is a guarantee of quality.

At every stage of our processing, we keep our ecological footprint low. To strengthen the local economy, our suppliers are located within a maximum radius of 100 kilometres. In line with the principle of regionality, logistics costs are kept low and modern, lean production processes are used for sustainable development while respecting the environment.

As a major player in the food industry, we have a responsibility to choose environmentally responsible, green solutions in our everyday lives. Our concept is to use and combine natural processes with our environmental advantages and the purity of nature.


"Quality" is a complex concept in the business credo of Bát-Grill Kft. In our value system, food quality in a broad sense includes food safety (food that is safe to eat, which is a basic human right), and in a narrower sense, the usefulness, enjoyment value and consumer satisfaction of poultry meat for consumption.

Our quality policy is based on using traceability to ensure the highest quality standards at every stage of the long journey from farm to fork.

In the operational system of Bát-Grill Kft., the quality of chicken meat begins with the introduction of day-old chicks into the breeding sheds, through the factory processing stages to the sale to the Customer, but the end point of quality is the Consumer's table, where the food made from the exceptionally tasty and safe product is consumed.

Our company is fully Hungarian-owned and has a quarter of a century of history. With honest work, consistent adherence to our principles, professional knowledge and experience, and a focus on quality food production, we carry out our production activities under regulated and controlled conditions. In doing so, our employees strictly comply with the food hygiene, food safety, environmental and other relevant applicable legislation in force at all times.

Our main goal is to ensure that the quality of poultry meat products produced at Bát-Grill Kft. continuously meets the consumers' expectations, that they are safe to eat, and that we gain their trust in our company and our products. We ensure the maintenance of a high level of quality through years of continuous technological, organisational and human resource improvements. Our task is to regularly monitor our live chicken suppliers, maintain a mutual dialogue and exchange of information to ensure quality material production. We maintain close contact with our customers. Their feedback on quality and buying habits is important to us, so that we are constantly informed and assess changes in market trends, improve quality standards and adapt to changes in consumer needs and expectations. We want to contribute as much as possible to the development of a food safety culture.

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we operate and continuously improve our food safety and management system according to the MSZ EN ISO 22000:2018 standard, with the commitment of our managers and employees to quality.

Bátaszék, 19. 10. 2021.
András Jordán
Managing Director