The broiler chicken farms are located within a hundred kilometre radius of Bátaszék. We have a trusting relationship with the farmers who produce the chicken feed, based on decades of professional contacts. We have precise knowledge of all the poultry coming to our processing plant in Bátaszék

Broiler farms have to comply with very strict quality assurance regulations, and our processor also has its own requirements: only then can the chickens be awarded the Premium Gold logo.

We define the exact conditions for keeping and rearing chickens, farm hygiene and feeding. In addition to thorough compliance with Hungarian and EU legislation, our experts audit and inspect suppliers on a continuous and regular basis.

From the first day after hatching, the chickens are reared under controlled, strict farm hygiene conditions, using advanced technology, in healthy conditions that are appropriate for animal welfare until they reach slaughter age. Their housing, feeding, processing and transport are all traceable.

Thanks to Revolution Nutrition's proprietary, patented formula, the chickens are raised on excellent feed produced by our partners. Thanks to modern technological advances, we provide the animals with the conditions that allow us to give our customers the best quality finished product.