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Well-known feed, premium quality

Revolution Nutrition is based on feed produced within the group. We can ensure the best quality and guarantee the uniqueness of Premium Gold if we know exactly what the chickens are eating.

Not only do we have detailed information on when, what and how much the Premium Gold chicken ate, but we also know exactly who, when, where and under what conditions the grain-based feed was produced. This is a feature of our company that makes Premium Gold unique in the Hungarian market.

It is a strategic issue for our company that the chickens we process are fed with our own developed, controlled feed as part of the quality housing conditions. Revolution Nutrition's final, unique formulation used today is the result of lengthy product development and a lot of testing. The development of the formula was motivated by a real market need. In addition to maintaining good quality and chicken health, we wanted to make the product distinguishable to the naked eye.

The commitment of our experts, who are passionate about precision, is demonstrated by the fact that they have not sat back, regularly monitoring and evaluating the animals and feed, and refining the recipe where necessary.

Love for the field

Palotabozsok Mezőgazdasági Zrt. plays an invaluable role in the rearing and feeding of chickens. Their decades of professional experience, commitment to the soil, quality corporate culture and high quality operations ensure that Bát-Grill's unique, easily distinguishable Premium Gold products are easily identifiable by customers in the shops.

The farm, located on the hills of Baranya, produces 1300 hectares of grain, some of which is used to feed the Premium Gold chickens of Bátaszék. On fields and meadows where our ancestors worked for generations, is the same hillsides the nearby Danube and the life-giving rays of the sun complement the soil.

Most of the grain feed for Premium Gold is produced within the group. From this rich base, they have perfected the recipe, the best feed composition. The chickens receive all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements they need as they grow. Revolution Nutrition feed is a treasured asset, not sold separately, exclusive to the chickens of Bát-Grill Kft.

Natural ingredients, own recipe

The majority of the grain base is corn, which is responsible for the energy intake of the chickens. Good quality feed wheat provides mainly protein for growth, while soya beans provide protein and rapeseed energy. This is supplemented with the vitamins, trace elements and amino acids needed for healthy development.

Another special feature of Premium Gold Chicken feed, in addition to the most important essential nutrients, is a natural ingredient extracted from the petals of the medicinal herb, the marigold.

Marigold is a well-known herb and ornamental plant in our country, and has been used in Europe since the 16th century. It has been cultivated for a long time, and nowadays it is even popular as a lemon-flavoured variety. Because of its colouring and flavouring qualities, it is often used in herbal teas, salads and side dishes, but it is also a good substitute for saffron, which is valued at the price of gold. The plant's petals are carefully harvested and then gently processed to preserve its beneficial properties, which we then use to feed the chickens of Palotabozsok. In addition to the aesthetic effects, food scientists are currently investigating the physiological benefits of this special feed.